” HEALTH is not about the weight you lose. It’s about the LIFE you gain. “

Let’s talk about our health

Are you a busy mom with kids?
Are you middle aged?
Do you have health or weight problems?
Do you want to change?
Are you worried about how you will live the second half of your life?
Are you looking for answers on how to live a healthy or healthier life?
Me too.

And that might be why you are here as well.

I hope that you can find something here which can help you on your journey.



Recent posts

Good Morning!

Start your day with the best choice! Coffee, tea and shakes infused with Ganoderma, the world’s most researched #1 superfood. CHANGE YOUR COFFEE,  CHANGE YOUR LIFE!You can make your order in my Organo shop.

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The world of tea

The world of tea

We all love the soothing and revitalizing properties that a cup of ORGANO™ tea brings us. But do you know the origin of this delicious drink? The tea, scientifically named Camellia sinensis, is native to East Asia. It was first used in China for as a medicinal...

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Get slimmer with OGX

Get slimmer with OGX

This is NOT a weight loss powder. This is NOT a weight lost program. THIS IS A PROMISE! A promise for a new lifestyle what you can have with the Organo Gold’s products. If you are too busy to count the calories, or just simply do not have energy to compose your daily...

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