Welcome to my page.

My name is Gabriella Somodi. I am in my 50’s. I have two children and a lot of extra weight.

To be an overweight middle-aged woman always worries me.

The questions starting with “what if…” could be endless.

What if I become sick, what if I cannot look after my kids, what if I cannot work anymore…?

You see? I could continue….

But I decided to change the questions and start working on the answers.

How can I stay healthy, how can I get my health and strength back?

I know, I am not alone. If I look around, I can see people in need.

People, who are also looking for answers to their questions, about living a healthy and wealthy life.

I want to help. Not just for myself, but for you as well, to show my journey.

So, I decided to create this page, and share my experiences about leading a healthier life.


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