I chose walking because this is the perfect choice for those who are significantly overweight and are likely to have joint problems with it.

As I walk, I also determine the pace and distance. I try to choose a distance and pace that is realistic to accomplish and makes me tired as well.



A pleasant fatigue during the walk helps with sleep problems. It goes easier to sleep and can be much more relaxing.

While walking, the strong thigh muscle relieves the knee joints, and the butt muscle keeps the pelvis in position.

During a brisk walk, the body needs a lot more energy than just sitting behind a desk all day. This can also start burning fat.

As a result of walking, our body will be able to process not only fat but also insulin more efficiently, thus speeding up our metabolism. Therefore, it also plays an important role in the prevention of diabetes.

Walking for half an hour a day has an extremely good effect on your health.


“Walk and be Happy, Walk and be Healthy…” (Charles Dickens)

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